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CVS stands for "Concurrent Versions System" and is a version control system. Using it, you can record the history of your source files (e.g. source code of your programs, contents of your web site).

This distribution has two parts : the first one consists of the command line based CVS program (!CVS.Bin.cvs) which is more or less a straight port from the original CVS sources. The second part is a GUI program allowing you to use the command line based CVS program in a more user friendly way.

The documentation supplied does not explain how to use CVS nor what each individual CVS command does. For this information I would like to refer to :

RISC OS Foundation members can read some more CVS background in an article I wrote for in the 9th RISC OS Foundation CD.  There is a second CVS article published in the 12th RISC OS Foundation CD.

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In order to use CVS on your RISC OS machine, you need :

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The CVS command line program supports the transport modes ":local:", ":server:" (via rsh) and ":pserver:". The transport modes ":server:" (via rsh) and ":pserver" are network based (the database is accessed across the network) and only tested (with success) using the Acorn/RISC OS Internet 5 stack.

CVS SSH transport is not yet supported.

The ":local:" transport mode allows you to store & retrieve files on your local RISC OS machine and does not involve any network specific calls (nor that it requires a working network stack).

More detailed info...

More information about the CVS RISC OS port can be found :

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The RISC OS CVS port wouldn't be possible without the help of :

Another RISC OS CVS port

There is another RISC OS CVS port by Maarten Bezemers. At the expense of a lot of code changes, Maarten managed to get pserver & SSH transport protocol running (no local mode). The ability to have SSH transport protocol is of course a very nice bonus compared to my version but many uncontroled changes were done to the CVS source code so tracking the latest CVS versions requires much more effort.


In order to be compliant with the GNU General Public License, under which the CVS GUI and CVS command line sources except the optional 'ee' program are distributed, the necessary RISC OS sources or source patches are now included in all releases you can download now.


The history on the CVS RISC OS port can be found here.


Questions, praises, constructive feedback, etc. are always appreciated. Feel free to contact .

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