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!CCres converts RISC OS Toolbox Resource (filetype &FAE) and Wimp Template files (filetype &FEC) to and from text format. The text format uses a simple C-like layout based on the equivalent OSLib header definitions.

!CCres can be used from the command line or as a regular application using drag'n'drop. Here are just a few possible uses:-

!CCres converts v1.00 and v1.01 Resource files and Wimp Template files using a syntax based on OSLib v6.50.


Dave Appleby wrote all the code up to v1.08 (included). Versions after that (v1.09 and later) are maintained by John Tytgat / BASS.


Bug reports and suggestions for enhancements should be sent to .


!CCres versions before v1.09 were released as FreeWare. It must only be distributed in its original form and there must be no charge for it (except possibly for covering media costs).

From version 1.09 onwards, the CCres license is the GNU General Public License.

Note that this software is provided in good faith and no guarantee is provided for suitability or reliably. The authors shall not be held responsible for any loss of data, or other problems arising from the use of this program.


Versions prior to 1.12, !CCres is 26/32bit compatible and should run on any version of RISC OS from 3.10 onwards. From v1.05 !CCres is linked using StubsG so it should not be necessary to install the updated Castle System files.

Version 1.12 and above need a 32-bit SharedCLibrary module version.

Latest news

Updates in v1.13 released 3rd Jun 2007

- Simplified source code a bit by removing the pointer typedefs.
- Maximum of icons per windows was wrongly calculated which could result in
  memory corruption.
- Added Unix based test queue comparing result bin2txt with v1.11 reference
  and with an additional txt2bin + bin2txt result.
- IconIndirectTextAndSpriteObjectList(text_and_sprite.text): had missing
  column.  Bug reported by David Thomas.
  After this fix the text to template conversion can give the error
  "Line 27: Missing entry 'text_and_sprite.text:'" which can be avoided and
  fixed by adding the missing column after "text_and_sprite.text" in your
  template text.
- Allocate always the size given in the limit entry when given and make sure
  the string in it is '\r' char terminated.  Also added warning when the
  limit is smaller than given sprite/text string.
  Bug reported by David Thomas.

Updates in v1.12 released 28th Jan 2006

- Support for Rik Griffin's Tab and Treeview gadgets.
- Various src cleanups.
- Set bits in Resource/Templates which are not convered by the translation
  code are outputed in their hex representation and this hex representation
  is taken into account when regenerating the Resource/Templates files.
- Created command line version without any Wimp support.
- Support for cross-compilation using GCCSDK.
- Heavyly reduced memory needs (total number of icons x number of windows ->
  max number of icons in one window x number of windows).
- Removed the error "Not all bits are covered" but made sure that those bits
  were round-trippable.

Updates in v1.11 released 2nd December 2004

- Give now info, version and syntax when !RunImage is run without parameters in a TaskWindow or outside Desktop.
- Four missing iconbar flags were added.
- Flag bits which are set but not covered by OSLib constants are now faulted with the error "Not all bits are covered".

Updates in v1.10 released 3rd March 2004

Template icons without the Text and Sprite bit set, are no longer giving the
harmless "Unexpected icon Text/Sprite/Indirection flag combination" error.

Updates in v1.09 released 9th December 2003

Source cleanup for general source & binary release.
License changed to GNU General Public License.


Binary version can be found at :

Source version can be found at :

The command line version v1.12 and later versions can be build using GCCSDK. For version prior to v1.12, you need the Castle Norcroft compiler, a copy of StubsG and a recent copy of OSLib (probably via CVS access) to build a binary version from these sources.


A similar tool (but with several restrictions) is also available as !ShowRes. This tool only allows you to convert the Toolbox Resource file into text. It is not possible to do the same for Wimp Template files, nor to convert the textual description back in binary file format.

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